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We make things

Aeism Agency

Our mantra

If in today’s competitive environment a brand can be bound by the laws of psychology at all, the process by which it evolves into a marketers most powerful tool, is akin to alchemy.

Value focussed

We’re an experience design agency focussed on brand alchemy & value exchange. You can find us at one of our two London studios, and one in Dublin.

Our goal

We’re driven by redefining, con­cept-dri­ven work that com­bines branding, philosophy, & perception with forward thinking perspectives to create truly desirable experiences.

Brand alchemy

The alchemical process of elevating value and meaning within ideas happens in the deepest parts of our brain as a memory; an experience. One that equates the sum of all the desirable and undesirable interactions with a brand over time. The memory may be sharp, or it may be out of focus; it is of everything that the observer has ever seen heard, felt about that brand. The products themselves are just basic propositions of that construct. The brand experience itself is everything sits around that product to offer (mostly good) stimuli.

Uncommon Ideas

“Branding is an output of design that takes otherwise common ideas and improves upon them to be more valuable and meaningful.”

Key Ideologies

Our approach adopts an iteration of Google’s ‘Design Sprint’ methodology we call the “Value Sprint” design process. We use this process to collaborate with project partners to create valuable experiences.

Alchemy map

Nº1 → Nº2’6 → Nº7.

Open Mindedness → Diverse Perspectives → Value exchange

We call ourselves brand alchemists. We map the perceptions in and around products, experiences, and organisations to better understand how they could better transcend value into the lives of people that interact with them over time. Our process nurtures valuable, yet otherwise latent ideas from a state of open-mindedness that results in valuable, measurable, and meaningful exchanges.

The idea of diversity is commonly misunderstood and seen as a quota to fill; we understand the potential it provides when perceptions, experiences, and values are subject to diversity. We define Aeism as the doctrine that processes all the other values. The ‘ism’ of ‘isms’.

We believe new age brand positioning and experience design initiatives must reflect a broad, yet deepened understanding of human consciousness and the evermore diverse contexts in which it mediates our interactions within the digital environment. It’s a brand new playing field; brand new world, and a new brand world. That’s where we come in.

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